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Combi Ovens FBG 010-Combi Oven Gas

Combi Ovens FBG 010-Combi Oven Gas
Combi Ovens FBG 010-Combi Oven Gas

»One Button Control (With Confirmation Function). Single button control rotary knob to select Cooking Modes and assign temperature and time values.
»It can work with LPG or NG (natural gas) and can be converted without any modification,
»Gas valve; It has an electronic ignition device and a safety system that automatically cuts the gas in case the flame goes out.
»It has the capacity to cook 10 trays of GN 1/1 at the same time. The distance between the shelves is 65 mm.
»It has five different cooking modes.
»Combi Mode (30-300 ° C)
»Dry Heat Mode (30-300 ° C)
»Low Steam Mode (30-100 ° C)
»Full Steam Mode (100 ° C)
»Banquet Heating Mode (30-300 ° C)
»One Button Control (With Confirmation Function). Rotary knob used to select Cooking Modes and to assign temperature and time values.
»Specially designed inner cabin providing homogeneous cooking
»Other Features:
»Automatic washing mode and hand spray for manual washing of the cabin
»Rounded inner cabin that increases hygiene inside the cabin
»Rail system that enables the oven trolley to enter the oven easily
»Door seal that prevents steam loss and can be easily installed and removed
»Double glass technology that prevents heat loss
»Double-stage oven door lock system
»High heat and steam resistant interior lighting lamp
»Meat Probe (30-99 ° C) With Meat Probe, fish, whole chicken and meat can be cooked
»New design air curtain that provides homogeneous distribution of hot air
»Self Cooling
»Four Different Fan Speed (400-700-1000-1400 Rpm)
»Manual Steam Injection System
»Steam Condenser System
»Digital Temperature and Time Display Panels
»Low Emission and High Efficiency Combustion System (Premix System) and Silent High Performance Burners
»Effective Halogen Lighting System for In-Cab Lighting
»Long Life Heat Exchanger Pipes with High Heat Conduction Performance
»Secure Door Lock System
»Fully Hygienic Interior Cabinet with Rounded Cab Corners
»Oven Trolley that can enter and exit the oven
»Less Cooking Time Unlike Standard Convection Ovens
»Inside Cabin Fan System that Stops for a Short Time when the Door is Opened in Terms of Safety
»Open Drainage (Automatic Openable Drainage in Washing Models)
»Easily Replaceable Door Gasket
»Warning Codes on Electronic Card (Reset, Low Water Level etc.)
»Steam Generator and Limit Thermostats in Inside Cabin
»Automatic Filling System and Powerful Steam Generator
»Motor power: 850 W
»Water inlet: 3/4", water pressure: 2-4 bar
»Gas inlet: 3/4", gas pressure: 30 mbar
»Electric input: 230V AC
»Max. Electric Power: 1,1 Kw
»Max. Gas Power: 15 Kw
»Gas Consumption (NG) (G20): 1.183 m3 / h
»Gas Consumption (LNG) (G30 / G31): 1.972 kg / h
»Steam Gas Power: 15 Kw
»Nominal Gas Pressure- NATURAL GAS (G20): 20 mbar
»Nominal Gas Pressure- LPG (G30 / G31): 30/37 mbar
»Useful Internal Volume: 0,2 m3
»Distance Between Shelves: 65 mm
»Capacity: 10 GN 1/1
»Dimensions: 925 * 793 * 1190 mm
»Net Weight: 210 kg

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