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About Us

What is TurkWizard?

TurkWizerd is an interactive Turkish company registered in Turkey according to Turkish regulations of national organization. It is focused, particularly on trade activities and has operations world-wide. Its interactive Portal and database use state-of-the-art technology, with the aim of building an interactive relationship with all stakeholders such as the Manufacturers, Producers, Traders, Farmers, Customers and Consumers. It aims to build partnerships and not to act as agent or broker. Such partnership will bring all players together that will build and strengthen relationships for the overall benefit and each of the partners and stakeholders.

What TurkWizard can do?

  1. Study the Turkish industrial, agricultural and services products.
  2. Study the national, regional and global needs and demands.
  3. Collect information about different parties and players in the fields of commerce and trade including Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers. Farmers, producers, traders, Brokers, Customers and Consumers, Exhibitions …i.e.
  4. Establish direct contact with Turkish producers and Secure any requested needs and demands
  5. Arrange field visits including visits to Factories, Farms, Offices, Exhibitions etc.
  6. Bridge the gap between players and bring all parties together.
  7. Help each party to find his needs when, where and how.
  8. Arrange for round table meetings among the interested players.
  9. Help to narrow any differences and avoid disputes between the parties during negotiations.
  10. Provide logistic support and translation services.
  11. Arrange for contracts and agreements. And more…….
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